***Spoiler Alert*** These Questions Contain Spoilers 

Dragon Wing Questions

1. Examine the two different relationships Sigrun has with Jae and Khalon. How are they different? How are they similar? Is one better or worse for Sigrun than the other?

2. Does the absence of Sigrun's mother affect her? If so, how? How is she with other women, such as her girlfriends and other mother-like characters?

3. Did any characters surprise you? Did any of them do something you didn't see coming? Became someone you didn't expect?

4. The characters all have animal features, whether it is their wings or body type. How do the physical features manifest in their roles and/or personalities?

5. During the course of the story Sigrun receives many gifts, from many different people. Are the gifts symbolic in any way? Do they reflect on the nature of those specific relationships?

6. Discuss the relationship, or lack thereof, between Sigrun and her brother. Do you think that dynamic influenced her other relationships in any way?

7. Do you agree with how Sigrun ultimately “resolved” things with Merik? Would you have done anything differently?

8. Discuss the loss of Sigrun's father. Baron was a healer and a wise man with foresight. Who has taken these roles now, or do they remain unfilled?

9. How are the lines of good and evil blurred? Are the majority of the characters capable of both? Are there any that are exclusively one or the other?

10. Sigrun's real power is revealed in the end, but her father gave her the pendant in the beginning. Do you think he knew what she was capable of when he gave it to her? Do you think he knew how it was going to end between his children?

11. Sigrun is given a crown at the end, and made Queen. Do you think she is ready for this responsibility? Why was this honor given to her? Does she really deserve it?

12. What are Sigrun's strength's? What are her weaknesses?


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***Spoiler Alert*** These Questions Contain Spoilers 

Dark Dragon Questions

1. During their visit at the Bee Colony, Falon has tea with Sigrun. During which, he brings up the story of how he planned to end Sigrun’s life when she was a baby. He talks about Sigrun’s father also. Why do you think Falon shared that story with her?

2. Sigrun toasts to Asherah, the Bee Queen, at the formal dinner. After which Asherah comments, “I do wonder which queen they should be toasting.” What do you think Asherah meant by that? She has been one of Sigrun’s biggest advocates to take the throne, why?

3. What did you think was happening when Sigrun started hearing voices? Jae and Khalon react to it differently. How are they different, and do you think one handled it better than the other?

4. When Sigrun finds her father’s journal it gives her new insight on her parents and her brother. What were your thoughts when you discovered even her father struggled with Merik?

5. Impulsiveness is one of Sigrun’s most acute personality traits. Do you think it is necessary for her to lead, or would she do better if she were more prudent?

6. Throughout the book we see different POVs: Sigrun, Khalon, and Jae. What did you think seeing the story through different perspectives? Did you have a stronger reaction to one narrative over another?

7. This is the first time that we see Jae and Khalon working together, and alone together. How did you feel about that part of the journey? In the forest and on the mountain. Were there moments that you liked, or were frustrated by?

8. The mountain does different things to each person that is on it. Discuss the differences/similarities for each person and why you think it chooses those points to press on for each.

9. Sigrun finds her mother’s village in ruins. This is one more loss for her. She continues anyway. Why? Is it purely to solve the mystery of her dream, or is it something else?

10. Sigrun’s pendant is rejected by the mountain and she is forced to surrender it to the mountainside. Why does that phenomenon happen, and what do you think would’ve happened if she had been able to carry it the rest of the way?

11. When Sigrun finds Aryl, he hasn’t seen another person in several decades. Discuss how his interaction went with her and with Jae and Khalon.

12. What were your thoughts when Sigrun sees her mother for the first time in the cave? Describe the mother’s behavior and what did you think when she told Sigrun about the witch?

13. How did you feel when Sigrun’s mother’s real identity is revealed? Discuss the aunts and the brief glimpse that Mara gives Sigrun into their past when they were all children.

14. Sigrun looses a lot, but she gains some things on this journey too. Discuss Aryl, Mara, even Merrin. What did each of them giver her?

15. At the end we see Khalon’s struggle. He leaves without explanation. Do you think he will come back? If so, will he be changed?


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